How Preventative Care Reduces Vet Costs

Save Money with Preventative Care

Embracing preventative vet care for your pet not only ensures their long-term well-being but also proves to be a savvy financial choice, as early detection and proactive measures can prevent costly treatments down the road.

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What is Pet Wellness?

Pet Wellness encompasses the general well-being of our animal friends and includes a holistic approach to preventative medicine and care through proper nutrition, dental care, general health care and behavioral management. The aim of a pet wellness program is to ensure that pets stay healthy for as long as possible and any signs of ill-health are recognized as early as possible so they can be addressed. A major part of pet wellness is client education which helps pet owners to be in the know about taking good care of their pets. This can help to minimize trips to the veterinarian as many illnesses can be prevented.

How does pet wellness affect my pet?

At The Mobile Vet Company we discussed your pet’s vaccination recommendations, deworming schedule, heartworm prevention, nutrition profile, dental visits, training among others with you. These are aimed at helping your pet to start off on a good track to being healthy and also to remain as healthy as possible. Preventable diseases such as Canine Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Feline AIDS, Feline Leukemia Virus among many others can be avoided and save your pet from the distress of being ill and pet owners from spending excessively on veterinary bills.

What Role do Pet Owners have in Pet Wellness?

Pet owners are in contact with their pets the most and also control many factors that may contribute to their pet’s health. Keeping up with general health care recommendations from your veterinarian is part of responsible pet ownership. These may include flea and tick management, routine vaccinations, monthly heartgard dosing, dental visits and appropriate nutrition based on the pet’s physiologic state. We may also recommend an annual/biannual wellness blood work check if you have a senior pet. Long-haired pets may require frequent grooming to prevent knots and matted fur which can trap moisture and lead to hot spots. Keeping dangerous drugs or chemicals, bones or other objects which may get lodged in your pet’s throat away from them is also a way of protecting your pet’s health.

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We know you value your pet’s health and so do we. The Mobile Vet Company aims to provide you and your fur ball with exceptional at-home care and as we celebrate National Pet Wellness Month, we will continue to encourage pet owners to always be mindful of their pet’s  health. 

We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns.

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