Tracey-Ann Buchanan

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Tracey-Ann Buchanan, is a small animal veterinarian from Jamaica who earned her degree at the School of Veterinary Medicine at The St. Augustine Campus at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and graduated with distinction in 2018.

From an early age she wanted to be a veterinarian. Her family kept various animals ranging from dogs to chickens. Veterinary assistance was not always available to make her pets feel better. She decided she wanted to fill the gap to learn how to help animals and started her journey to becoming a veterinarian. “My first surgery I recall clearly (this story I've told many times) was stitching up a broiler chicken's crop which was ripped when one of our dogs attacked our chicken coop. My chicken was patched up with fishline and a bandage and I felt proud. I nursed the poor birdie back to life until it was able to rejoin the flock.” 

After she finished high school, she volunteered at a small animal veterinary clinic. The knowledge and experience piqued her interest even more to study veterinary medicine. 

Since she graduated she has  worked  with small animals for 4 years in a veterinary clinic in Montego Bay, Jamaica and most recently worked as a mobile vet there as well.  

“It feels great to know that my knowledge, experience and approach has been able to help so many four-legged friends.”

Jesica Coni

Veterinary Technologist

Jesica has always had a love for animals, having grown up in the Cayman Islands started her career as a volunteer in the veterinary field in 2004 and became fully employed as a Veterinary Assistant in 2005. After realizing her growing passion for animals working at a Vet Clinic, she began her journey of becoming a Veterinarian Technician at St. Petersburg College in 2009 and further obtained her Bachelors of Science (Cum Laude) in Veterinary Medicine in 2013 from Mississippi State University. During this time she gained an abundance of experience in a number of specialty areas including internal medicine, anesthesia, surgical nursing, animal behavior, and emergency and critical care. Jesica has been a member of the Florida Veterinary Technician Association since 2009. She brings a wealth of knowledge along with 12 years of experience in private practice and has most recently achieved 3 years experience in a mobile veterinary practice. She loves the thrill and adrenaline that adventure brings such as rock climbing, wakeboarding, hiking, traveling and most importantly enjoys spending time with her amazing Australian-shepherd mixed dog named MooMoo. 


"Every patient leaves a paw print in my heart."