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Pet Travel

Cayman Mobile Vets provide pet travel certificates. Proper documentation can help ensure that your trip goes well.
Many counties such as South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and others also require other vaccinations and blood tests. You need to consider the specific regulations for the country your pet is entering.

The certificate will need to include information such as your pet’s name, country of origin, Address your pet is traveling too, Address for where the pet resides, breed, age, colour, microchip implantation date, number and vaccination history.

Please see documentation provided by the Cayman Islands Agriculture Department.

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5 Simple Tips for a Successful House Call

When scheduling an appointment, make sure to inform us of the number of pets and their problems and needs. Please disclose any knowledge of any aggressive, fractious or fearful pets. We can help make them more comfortable and relaxed ahead of time.
If possible do not have your pet greet us at the door when we arrive. We are usually carrying a lot of equipment and cannot greet the pet properly. If the pet sees all the equipment being brought in and knows the attention is being channeled towards them it could make them a little jumpy.
Please have distractions to a minimum including, television/music, and other pets. Children are encouraged to learn while the pet is being examined but a safe distance is required. Children/adults that are at risk of getting hurt or causing a accident to take place will be asked to exit the room (every effort will be made to avoid this).
If your animal is at risk of escape, please make arrangements to avoid this. Cayman Mobile Vets do not take responsibility for escaped pets and will not have the time or resources to help catch them. Pets that will run should be examined as far away from the exits as possible with as many closed doors as possible between them and the exit. Please make sure that your cat is in a small room like a bathroom or utility room before the doctor arrives for the examination. By keeping your cat in a small room, we are able to conduct the examination while minimizing the stress on you and your cat.
Please try to have a well-lit place for Cayman Mobile Vets to examine your pet and to complete any procedures. For cats and small dogs cleared off counter tops or a table is appreciated. For large dogs a cleared spot on the floor will suffice. For outside dogs please provide a covered area if it is raining. Please make sure the area can withstand spills and excrement in case there is an accident.

Home Euthanasia

Saying goodbye is never easy.(temp unavailable)

We provide a compassionate, caring and personalized home euthanasia service.

By coming to your home, we can prepare a calm and peaceful goodbye. We can also provide preparation guidance and advice for the entire procedure.

Euthanasia Form

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Jesica Coni

Veterinary Technologist

Jesica Milena Coni is a Caymanian Veterinary Technologist with an Argentinean origin. She started her career in the veterinary field as a volunteer in 2004, fully employed since 2005 and obtained her Bachelor’s degree cum laudae from Mississippi State University in 2013. She loves adrenaline, inducing adventures (such as rock climbing and wakeboarding), hiking, traveling and her amazing dog Moomoo.

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